Zombies! Parties! Conspiracy! “Project Poison Pill” WZMB Zombie Radio Show Ep49!

Heyyyy, Jazz Fans! It’s your old pal Jimmy Rudolph here with the latest and greatest episode of Zombie Radio Show! This week’s episode started so nice, too, like a beautiful dream. There was a party. And you were there, and you were there, and you were there, and it was all about me. But then the dream turned dark and edgy when a strange phone call came in… Check out the YouTube video below.

What do I know about zombie conspiracies like “Project Poison Pill” anyway? It’s not enough that I know about jazz greats like Philly Joe Jones? I work hard every day to keep important earth shattering conspiracies out of this precious brain. And then some shady caller phones it into my awareness. What do I do now, fans?! What the hell do I do now?

This week’s episode is brought to you visually by the magic of the tube of You! But if you like your radio like you like your scotch– unblended and unpixellated– then you may prefer the radio only version of WZMB Zombie Radio Show Ep. 49. If so, click here!

It’s a dangerous world out there, Jazz Fans! But it can’t be so dangerous that we would allow our parties to become riddled with conspiracies, like maggots in a zombie. How are we supposed to retrieve our humanity after brutally slaying thousands of zombies if we can’t party like it’s the Apocalypse… which it is! Let the punch bowl remain the punch bowl! Don’t let it become a petri dish of intrigue and cloak and dagger ambition! Let it remain the overly sweet swill that will brighten the cheeks of the maids and turn their “no”s into projectile vomit that one could mistake for a “yes”. Now more than ever, friends, we have to fight for our right to party. Only without the fighting. Nothing ruins a party quicker than a fight.

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