Zombies and Love? Zombie Radio Show Ep. 206 Part 1

Heyyyy, all you Jazz Fans out there in the night. Jimmy Rudolph here, with a new episode of Zombie Radio Show for you!

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It’s a sad day when you look at yourself in the mirror and ask “Where did love go?” It’s an even sadder day when you spot a zombie behind you while you ask it. And when you bash that zombie with the mirror and use the broken shards of glass to chop off it’s head, with no special someone to help you, or scream while you do it– well, that’s the saddest day of all.

Here at WZMB, we try to keep hope alive. It’s hope that keeps you alive, and it’s life that defeats the Zombie Apocalypse, and it’s jazz that keeps you hoping, and hopping, so we’re defeating the Zombie Apocalypse with jazz. You’re welcome. But jazz is also the music of love, and there’s not much love out there on the streets right now. In the most romantic city in the world, New Yorkers are too busy keeping the zombies at bay to get close to anyone. Even the old romantic stand-bys like horse-drawn carriages have been impacted. Those zombie horses may be cheap, but they totally dampen the mood when they try to stomp out your brains.

But we can dream, fans. We can dream of a better day when consenting adults can come together and kill zombies hand in hand. When the roses are red again naturally, without being sticky. When we can lose our hearts instead of our brains, and playing mind games doesn’t mean zombie street hockey. I believe we will see those days again, Jazz Fans.

But until then, we’ll keep a single romantic candle in the window, put some jazz on the Bose, the champagne on ice, and wait for Love to come home.

Ring three times, Love, to show you’re not a zombie, or I’ll take your head off at the neck.


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