Zombie Writer Gerald Dean Rice– The Zombie Radio Show Interview! “Zombie Show”

Heyyyy, Jazz Fans! Y’know, sometimes when I’m not too busy pruning by zombie-sized Venus Fly-trap, I pick up a book– usually to put it down, hard, on my zombie-sized Venus Fly-trap. (Turns out “zombie-sized” is no different than “man-sized”. Who knew?)

But this time, I actually read one of those dense, square projectiles, and fans, I was fascinated!

Gerald Dean Rice is a student of the Zombie Apocalypse, and actually claims to have traced the disease back to its source in New York City in his new book “The Zombie Show”! He is a brilliant writer, a good conversationalist, lover of pekineses (thanks, wikipedia!) and very modest about his stellar NFL career.

So what happens when a national treasure like Jimmy Rudolph meets an investigative powerhouse like Gerald Dean Rice? Find out by listening to our one-on-one interview below!

Jimmy Rudolph Interviews Gerald Dean Rice 2012

James Mathers as Jimmy Rudolph, host of Zombie Radio Show

Jimmy loves him some mic!


Gerald Dean Rice, author of “The Zombie Show”.


Gerald Dean Rice


Gerald Dean Rice is a prolific writer. In addition to “The Zombie Show” he has written other zombie tell-alls such as “Flesh Bags” (see below ). Check him out on Amazon!

I personally found Mr. Rice to be a charming person. He clearly knows his stuff– some of it anyway. He does make some bold inflammatory accusations, and I was a bit put off at first, but my agent tells me it was all said with the best of intentions and will raise my Q score, so all is forgiven. I guess in the world of journalism, you have to be prepared to break a few eggs, and this time the juevos on the chopping block were mine.

But Mr. Rice’s personal magnetism, as well as his tax return (you’re not the only investigator out there, Mr. Rice,) has inspired me to write a book of my own. It will be a ruthless expose of people who write ruthless exposes of the Zombie Apocalypse, and it will clearly show how all those who point the finger at all those who are me are motivated by a selfish need to make a name for themselves by exposing “the truth”, instead of making their names the dignified way– sexual favors.

Fleshbags Book Cover

"Fleshbags" by Gerald Dean Rice


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