Zombie Survival – The Don’ts

Zombie Survival isn’t just about knowing what to do. It’s about knowing what not to do. Heyyy, Jazz Fans and fellow zombie survivors. Jimmy Rudolph here, taking a break from my usual appreciation of jazz and the other finer things, to share with you an instructional video from our friends at http://www.lostzombies.com (I can tell you where they are, fellas. New York is silly with ‘em!) Check out this video below and learn a little something about the dangers of being a good Samaritan, as well as the perils of public waxing. Now I confess, and TMZ exposed, that I do a little waxing myself. Nobody likes the chia pet look. But when good grooming gets in the way of zombie survival, it’s time to let your hair down and run. Gimme shelter. In other words– Get a room, fellas! Oh, and that guy in the background, mind your own business– Because it isn’t very pretty what a town without pity…

Ca-uh-an Doooooo!

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