Zombie Survival – Corpses vs. the Corps

Zombie Survival can be tough on our fatigued fellas in the Service. You’d think, with all their ordinance, they’d feel a tad more secure. Think again, Jazz Fans. Your pal Jimmy Rudolph is here to tell you, zombies eat bullets and schrapnel for breakfast. Actually, they eat brains for every meal, but they frequently enjoy hot lead as a starter.  This military training video tells it like it is– all the weapons in the world won’t save you if you have feet of clay. Lots of defense spending went into this video, clearly, and the production value is through the roof! Still, I wish they’d saved a little of that Military Moolah for a better soundtrack; Say, BB King’s “Worry, Worry”, with narration by Captain Picard himself, Mr. Patrick “I Can See Everything” Stewart. Or me, for that matter. What am I, wood? Burn one stinkin’ draft card and you’re black listed forever! Zombie Survival This, Jugheads!


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