Zombie Survival Video- Funny, yet True!

Studies show that Funny Zombies engage our children, rather than paralyze them with coma-inducing horror. Hey, Jazz Fans! Jimmy Rudolph of WZMB Zombie Radio Show here. I know, if you have rambunctious kids, a coma sounds pretty good right about now. But when a horde of zombies surrounds your house or car, you’ll need all hands on deck. Nothing is more exasperating than asking your 12 year-old to get the extension cord for the chainsaw, only to hear “They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere,” and the sound of sucking thumbs. So how do you keep your kids from going all limbic on you? Funny Zombie Videos like the ones below, that teach the basics of zombie slaughter, while at the same time making the kids laugh with funny zombie antics. Instead of whining at every little nibble, your child can serve the family unit. And when you wipe a proud tear from your eye, as well as all the zombie blood, you can praise your kid for a job well done. What a self-esteem builder. Plus, instead of being shocked by Mommy and Daddy’s dildo, the family can laugh about it– together. Enjoy!

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