Zombie Products! “A Word from our Sponsor” Zombie Radio Show’s Commercial Episode

Zombie Products, as cheap as the life of non-zombies! Heyyy, Jazz Fans, Jimmy Rudolph here. You know, I’ve been accused of kow-towing to the sponsors of our show, but that’s just not true. My only loyalty is to the jazz. I see the obscenely stuffed envelopes of cash as just the by-product of my love for jazz. And to be fair to the sponsors, (’cause they never get a word in,) these products are valuable to any of our listeners. Zombies are a very real threat, and if my fans can benefit from a product that my sponsors just happen to provide, then like the Eunuch in the harem, I’m happy to be the middleman.

But in order to truly refine how well I’m connecting with the needs of my ever-growing fan base, I need to hear from you, Jazz Fans! Take a look at the below assortment of ads, and vote on your favorite!


You can vote on Facebook, or on Twitter. Just chime in with the number of your favorite ad, we’ll tally them up, and announce the winners next Zombie Monday!

Some may say that giving an entire show over to the sponsors takes pandering to a whole new level. But to that, I respectfully say, Shut the hell up and mind your own business. (ahem.)

Yes, fans, you are the most important thing to WZMB, provided you listen to WZMB. You are also the most important thing to our sponsors, provided you buy products from our sponsors. So watch the video compilation, vote for your favorite commercial, and then I’ll be able to charge the sponsors even more for the demographic research I’m doing at your expense. And all that money in my pocket translates into better jazz for you, fans.

All for you.

Vote Now!

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