Zombie Omelette! WZMB Zombie Radio Show Ep. 61 “The Great Black Hope”

You can’t make a omelet without breaking some eggs, but I don’t want to think about what zombies break to make their omelets. The mind boggles! Actually, it scrambles. Still, fans, it wasn’t too long ago we thought that all zombies could do was break the skull and lap up the brains. If they’re making zombie omelets now, can they be far from making zombie jazz? It’s a thought to inspire hope! And to listen to the entire hope-filled episode, just Click Here!

Zombie Omelettes! WZMB Zombie Radio Show Ep. 61 – “The Great Black Hope”

Now, I’ve always considered myself a hopeful kinda guy, jazz fans! I still have my Oscar speech wedged in my hat band, and I still swing by Darlene’s house on the odd Friday night after the bars close just to see if she’s doing all right, if she’s changed her mind, if she’s dropped that restraining order. But these last few weeks have been hard on the hopeful. First, Times Square gets fogged in, then the entire Upper West Side and Harlem, and then it turns out the moody fog isn’t a fog but atomized zombie bits. Well, if I were a weaker man, I’d have succumbed to despair, or at least Darlene. But hope is our best option, our only option. Without hope, the zombies win. With hope, however, the zombies still win. But we’re happier about it somehow… to see the video adaptation of the Zombie Radio Show Ep. 61, just click the thumbnail image below!

So, fans, if you take anything away from this tale, let it be this; Keep hope alive, no matter what. Hope is the most important thing. Even if hope should somehow be surrounded by zombies, wade in there with your machete and slice away. And when the zombies rip your throat out, at least you’ll know that you kept hope alive as you die choking on your own blood.

Then again, when there’s life, there’s hope. So go ahead and let the zombies get your hope. You can make more.

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