Zombie Memorial Day! WZMB Zombie Radio Show Ep. 59 “Plectrum”

Happy Memorial Day, Jazz Fans! For centuries we have reserved this day to remember those that have fallen in the line of duty. We say to those people, “Thank you for your service!” But in the era of the zombie, we extend this day to remember those who have fallen, and then gotten up again to eat our brains. To those people we say “Thanks for taking that zombie bite instead of me, and please don’t bite me.” Saying that doesn’t do much good, so we chop off their heads, and remember their falling a second time. It’s confusing, Jazz Fans, is what I’m saying. In this week’s episode of Zombie Radio Show, we take some time from a very busy episode to remember a loved one who has passed over into lurching, brain-hungry insensibility. You can listen to the entire episode here! Click Here to Listen to WZMB Zombie Radio Show Ep. 59
If you’d like to see the video adaptation, to better remember these fallen none to few, click the thumbnail below.

Melissa Moline was our scab producer for a brief period of time while J-Bo was in jail for vandalizing privately owned zombies. She hailed from Iowa, and would never hurt a soul unless that soul were a vinyl jazz record and she had a record needle in her hand. She had a certain innocence– she could sexually debauch herself in public with multiple partners, and the inevitable videos would still make you go “Awwwwww…” Even her death was attended by a certain naivete. Out on a drunken zombie-kill mission with J-Bo, she was scratched on the left arm by an undead debutante. She fought bravely against zombitus, losing all of her limbs and replacing them with bionic appendages, and for a brief happy instant, it looked like she had the zombie-gene licked. It turns out that all she was licking was future brains. She went all green just a couple of weeks ago, burst free of her secure lab on Long Island, and is currently at large in New York City. But we remember the real Melissa, who would never eat a brain unless dared by many strangers and you mixed that brain with a jell-o shot. She will be missed– even more so once she is actually dead.

Melissa Moline at WZMB

Melissa Moline, Iowan, Scab, Zombie, Friend.

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