Zombie Leftovers

Heyyy, Jazz Fans! Jimmy Rudolph here. I’m in the middle of a major food coma here. I guess I had a little too much turkey. Of course, stuffing the bird with Darvon couldn’t have helped. Fortunately, the couch has been Martinized and I’m wearing diapers, so we’re all good.

But I feel bad about not having an episode to share with you this week. We did let J-Bo try to do one on her own, but her special guest kinda– died. Long story. Anyway, we had to destroy the evidence. So nothing new until Friday.

Still, the Monday after Thanksgiving is all about leftovers, and we have two Thanksgiving Episodes ready to reheat, pour a little gravy over and pass off as food. Give a listen to them right here!

WZMB Zombie Radio Show Thanksgiving ’12!

WZMB Zombie Radio Show Thanksgiving ’11!

We hope you enjoy the walk down memory lane. We hope the episodes give you what they gave me– that warm, runny gooey feeling, trickling down your legs… oh. Guess I should change the diaper.

Whatever. Zzzzzzzzzzzz….

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Zombie Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from WZMB!

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