Zombie Killer Jimmy Rudolph? WZMB Zombie Radio Show Ep. 64 Part 1, “Zombie Fraud”

Zombie Killer Jimmy Rudolph? Why does everyone keep laughing at that title? Even my agent… Jesus. You kill a zombie after all these years, and you’d think you’d get a little respect. But no. All I get are chortles, guffaws, and milky nasal discharge. I just had this suit cleaned, assholes! But if you want the proof of my badd-ass-ity, check out this weeks episode of Zombie Radio Show!

Click Here to Listen to Zombie Zombie Radio Show Ep. 64 Part 1 “Zombie Fraud”

There. You see? Now what is so goddam funny about that? So I can’t remember every detail, so what? Killing zombies, as those of us who have done it know, is a primal act, one that bypasses the memory circuits and goes straight to the limbic system. I have no recollection of details. I only remember this red film coming over my eyes, thinking “No more” and everything went black. I wasn’t myself again until I got to the police station, trophy ear in hand.  Since that moment, little fragments have begun filtering back into my awareness; the 7 foot zombie, a young orphan waif in danger, a hurt puppy licking my face, my mother screaming at me to come home, Brigitte Bardot naked– I have to say, it must have been one of the most interesting zombie kills on record. I can’t wait to remember the whole thing! Especially that Brigitte Bardot part. And while I can’t say the video adaptation of today’s episode is anywhere nearly as entertaining, it’s worth a peek. Check it out!

So there you have it, Jazz Fans. Jimmy Rudolph has sliced the stem off his zombie cherry. So forgive a certain brusqueness in my demeanor if we should meet. You see, I’ve gazed into the abyss, and all true warriors know that you can’t kill a thing without killing a part of yourself. I make that sacrifice for my neighbors and the world– okay, could you not drink milk while we talk?! Jesus!

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