Zombie-ish Harlem! WZMB Zombie Radio Show Classic Clips! The Robin Files 2

Ah, the good ol’ days. When we thought we had zombies under control! When Harlem was briefly not under quarantine! When the attractive, young Melissa Moline was my producer. Those were the days!

Heyyyy, Jazz Fans, Jimmy Rudolph here, and the other day I was sipping a cappuccino with my good friends Mortie, Perkins and Rajah. Mortie used to be a postman, Perkins was the sommelier at the famous “Phrog’s” on 47th and Broadway, and Rajah was a cabbie. All retired now,  they like to get together and grouse about kids today, compare procedures past and future, and pay the homeless to french kiss them. Sometimes, if my busy schedule allows, I join them, even though I’m still gainfully employed as a famous and influential DJ at WZMB. I like to keep in touch with the common man. Besides, Rajah is loaded, and I have a great business opportunity for him.

Anyway, in between ordering our 4th round of water and splitting the tab, we started reminiscing about the good old days. Now, I’ve never been a back-looker, unless Beyonce is walking by. I firmly believe that my best days are ahead of me, and will keep believing that to my dying day. Which is dumb, I admit. But this latest bull session with the boys got me thinking about last year, and how great things were back then. To see what I mean, just check out this video adaptation of Zombie Radio Show!

Zombies were finally under control. Of course, that turned out to be bullshit. It turns out that the process that tamed zombies was also the process that turned them into ravenous ninja beasts. But for a while there, we were treating zombies like they were our friends, or at least our slaves. Some us even volunteered to become zombies. When those people turned into ravenous ninja beasts, they must have wanted a refund.

Harlem was no longer under quarantine. Even their Screamers were tamed. Our old friend Robin was so upset when the fence came down. Bet she’s happier now, now that the fence is back up and the Screamers are back worse than ever.

And I fondly recall Melissa Moline and her magical switchboard killing powers. She always had a smile for me as she scratched my priceless LPs. Of course, the only reason we had Melissa in the booth was because J-Bo was in jail for killing a zombie, the ones we thought were tame but turned out to be lethal ninja beasts.

You know something– it’s easier to feel good about the past when you’re hanging out with senile old men. The minute you start blogging (and thinking) about it, the luster just disappears. Thanks a lot, WordPress!

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