Zombie Intelligence! WZMB Zombie Radio Show Ep. 73 Part 2 “Zombie Liberation”

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Zombie Intelligence? It sounds like a contradiction in terms. If they had brains of their own, why do the zombies want mine? Still, on the other hand, maybe eating all those brains creates an “intelligence by osmosis” situation, and the blue-bloods are actually incredibly smart. They only shamble around like comatose ghouls because they’re lulling us into a false sense of security, and once we let our guard down, they’ll launch their master plan– although why we’d let our guard down when they’re trying to eat our brains is beyond me. And I’d like to hear the master plan that’s worse than eating my brains.

So maybe they’re not that smart after all. Kinda like the military invaders. To see for yourself, check out the video adaptation.

Now, it seems to me, Jazz Fans, that before you invade a place, you should know a little something about it. I mean, you could at least crack open a Distant Lands Travel Guide for New York City. Empire State Building, what to tip, zombies, it’s all right there. Yet the military seems a little confused as to what to do with them. (Here’s a hint, invading troop– nylons and chocolate won’t cut it.)

Seriously, Jazz Fans, if the 129th Albany National Guard took all the time and trouble to bring their tanks and Blackhawk helicopters, but spare brains slipped their minds, what are we supposed to think? It just shatters any confidence we had in these guys, and completely undermines their authority.

If they didn’t have all those guns and ammo, no one would listen to them!

And even though yours truly doesn’t carry a gun, you can listen to me by following me on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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