Zombie Emergency! A WZMB Zombie Radio Show Classic!

Zombie emergencies? We’ve had ‘em. Sometimes, at the many cocktail parties I attend, the many bars I close, and the occasional chat room I lurk in, (just for research, fans, honest,) I regale my eager listeners with epic tales of the many emergencies we have faced here at WZMB. With eyes wide and moist lips parted, they hang on my every syllable, interrupting only to say “Wow, is that the time?” Many find my classic stories unbelievable, but fortunately for me, they all happened in front of a microphone. As a case in point, just check out the WZMB Zombie Radio Show Classic Clip below!

Now, many of you may be asking, “Why this particular classic clip? Why not the time you killed the Mayor of New York, or that Wall Street guy who turned into a zombie right in the studio, or the time J-Bo killed that mob enforcer, or the time J-Bo made out with Melissa, or the time Jimmy screwed the Mayor’s widow on the air, or…” To which I say “Jesus, have you seen every embarrassing episode? Get a fucking life!” Unfortunately, non-disclosure agreements and legal machinations make it difficult to re-air some of those juicier examples, but keep your ears tuned to WZMB and you may see some of them. Our legal team has a “Never Say Die” policy. They mean it, too. If a partner becomes a zombie, they stick him in the paralegal department.

Meantime, fans, there’s nothing wrong with this classic clip. It’s got everything– humor, suspense, a ticking clock, cars and sex appeal. (After all, I’m on it, aren’t I?) So walk with me down memory lane as we relive Crystal’s dilemma, come to her rescue, and bring J-Bo’s vast experience with zombie immobilization to bear. Viewers will recall that this was the origin story behind J-Bo’s multi-million selling”Two-Bagger” invention, now available at Wal-Mart.  Enjoy!

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