Zombie Banker! WZMB Zombie Radio Show Classic Clip #2!

Zombie Bankers have a lot in common with the money they count all day. First of all, they’re both green. Secondly… well, I guess that’s it. Jimmy Rudolph here, Jazz Fans, and once again, due to a throat infection that can only be cured by beach vacations and rum drinks, we are bringing you a classic fan favorite clip from the Zombie Radio Show vault. Click the thumbnail below to view the never-before-seen video adaptation of this gripping episode. Gripping in so many ways…

This could have been what we in journalism call a “get”. He was a banker on trail for murder, who had forsworn his former materialism and found an enriching inner peace when spared the effects of zombitus. I mean, what journalist wouldn’t have that guy in the studio? But it turned out the “get” was out to get me, and the only inner peace he wanted was a piece of me in his gullet. Still, you don’t get to be a world-class broadcaster without taking a few risks. and fortunately, my insurance agent doesn’t listen to the show.

Looking back, I might have done things differently. Taken a few precautions. Perhaps I should have sprayed on some Axe body spray, which is known to make zombies tear up and gag, but which young bankers find pleasant. I might have asked that he wear a ball gag during the interview– that always works for Rush Limbaugh. Or even just leave the door unlocked, so that I can run for it. But hindsight is twenty-twenty, fans, and at least I survived the experience, and can apply the wisdom that I gained to the next interview.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I want to get in a swim before the lightning storm gets too bad…

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