The Office Needs Funny Zombies!

Funny Zombies are hard to find on TV. Hey, Jazz Fans! Jimmy Rudolph here, Zombie Radio Show. Y’know, we laugh because it’s true. “The Office” seemed very realistic when it came out, but it’s woefully behind the times. Now, I dig Mr. Carrell as much as the next guy, even if the next guy is Tina Fey. But it makes no sense to spend all this money on caffeine-cam shots, all jerky and out of focus, if you’re going to exclude what we know is a central fact of Scranton life– zombies. You can’t toss a football around in the parking lot without hitting seventeen of them. (There’s a story pitch, Mr. Carrell– the company softball game gets invaded by zombies. “Get some harder balls!” Heh.) Well, we hope the creators of “The Office” will take a look at this comedic gem, and start to consider the possibilities of zombie humor. Zombie head in the water cooler? I’m laughing already.

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