Official NYPD Zombie Kill Certificate!

Get your official NYPD Zombie Kill Certificate!

Sure, everyone claims they killed a zombie. But now, you have proof! WZMB Zombie Radio presents the Official New York Police Department Zombie Kill Certificate!

The NYPD Zombie Kill Certificate is an official document that lists your name, the date, and the method you used to kill your zombie. Affixed with a gold seal, embossed, and signed by the Chief of Police and the late Mayor, it is an exquisitely tasteful record of the thanks of a grateful city, suitable for framing.

Order now, and get a personal letter of congratulations from the voice of Zombie Radio Show, Jimmy Rudolph!

The Official NYPD Zombie Kill Certificate is printed on marble grey card stock, with the Recipient's name, method of zombie kill, and date of zombie kill. It is embossed with a gold zombie seal.

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