McRib– the Zombie Cause? I’m Lovin’ It!

Disgusting McRib Sandwich

The Sandwich with a Bite!

The McRib is back! Like a Zombie risen from the grave, the iconic McRib sandwich, long known as the most alluring heart stopper that McDonalds has ever spawned, has shaken the loam from its back, spat the turf from its mouth, and shambled back into a McDonalds near you.

Hey, Jazz Fans! Jimmy Rudolph here, from WZMB Zombie Radio Show. Y’know, many believe the McRib to be the start of the Zombie Apocalypse. They point out the 2012 re-release date of the McRib, Oct. 14th, and the sudden appearance of the First Zombie, downtown on Broadway and Waverly, near the McDonalds just three days later. They insist that the rapid first spread was too virulent to be spread by just one zombie, no matter how hungry. And they point to the wikileaks document that suggests the “secret ingredient” is in fact horse meat infected by giant corporation and fabulous sponsor Trocador.

But you can’t keep a good man down, as they say. Despite these suspicions, the McRib remains the best selling sandwich on the Golden Arches October menu. I guess the rational market has spoken, eh, jazz fans? Just take a look at the pic– the sandwich stares at you, tongue drooling, green moss at the back of the throat and a rib bone still wedged in the uvula, reaching for you, hungry for a bite– and goldarn it if you don’t want to bite back! I’m drooling just writing this, getting my intern all wet.

So let the Zombie Apocalypse come. If it’s this tasty, it may be worth it.

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