Little Zombie Darlings! WZMB Zombie Radio Show Ep. 65 Part 2 “West Side Story”

Our zombie darlings have come full circle! It was theorized for a time that the whole zombie apocalypse began with a tainted batch of McRib sandwiches. Now little zombies and their families are choosing McDonald’s as the last stop on the Brain Train. To hear what I mean, just listen to this week’s Zombie Radio Show Episode below!

Click Here to Listen to this week’s Zombie Radio Show!

We’ve always know that life has a certain circularity to it. I’ve always called it “The Circle of Life“, and Disney can send me my fuckin’ royalty check already! We come from dirt, (or at least a dirty act,) and we are returned to dirt when life ends. (Except for me, Jazz Fans. I’m being cryogenically frozen, with my hand in Walt’s pocket.) It now seems that “un-life” has the same karmic circularity. From fast food zombies are born, and to fast food they return. It’s a beautiful thought to ponder, if you’ve already eaten.

See for yourself with this video adaptation of this week’s episode!

There is an exception, however– we don’t want zombies to keep coming back. Do we? Is it just me, or are we looking less for a circle, and more for a finite line, the shorter the better. In fact, a point would be nice, wherein a zombie pops into existence, and then just as rapidly blinks out again, without a chance to eat my brains. Ah, that would be sweet.

Linear logic would also be appreciated while explaining the Zombie Act of 2015. First, Zombies were declared dead. Then they were declared alive. But you can kill them. But not really. The lawyers don’t even have the answers, or if they do, they’re saying it in Latin.

Maybe this is why we need to go back to circularity, which teaches us that there are no answers to our questions, no end point in our goals, but only a perpetual need to keep moving, faster, so that even if you never catch the thing you’re looking for, you can take comfort in knowing that the thing looking for you hasn’t caught you either.

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