Jimmy Rudolph’s Funny Bootleg Vegas Video!

Well, I tried, Jazz Fans. I bribed, threatened, cajoled, and even brought my super-magnet into the New School editing bay. I did everything in my power to repress this awful video of me in Vegas! And it still erupted, like an undead B-film star, onto the Tube of You!So I say, if you can’t beat ‘em, ball-gag ‘em, and weep over their oiled up bodies without being caught on tape, then join ‘em. Let me get some of those big fat YouTube bucks!

This is me at the Pollygrind Film Festival in Vegas-town, NV, where we were feted by the famous Chad Clinton Freeman. He invited the WZMB family out to host his ZombiePalooza night last October, and like idiots, we accepted. He was liberal with the tequila, but I make no excuses, my friends. I’m an adult, and I thought the girls were, too. By the way, J-Bo was there as well, and she is one mother of a bad influence. And we want to apologize to the bikers, but really, you should have walked away once you saw her tats. Y’know, I’m babbling, but I get nervous when I think of the assault soon to happen on your eyes. Please forgive me, and don’t flood me with negative comments. It’s all, the whole thing, it’s just so wrong…

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