Jimmy Rudolph, “7500″ Flight from Hell?

7500” has a new passenger– me. I hope Jerry Ferrara doesn’t steal all the neck pillows.

Yes, Jazz Fans, your old pal Jimmy Rudolph will be seen in the upcoming CBS films’ “7500“,  a family tale about a non-stop flight to hell (and back? I don’t know, my agent hasn’t read the script.) I’ll be third passenger on the left in Aisle 49. I’m the guy that keeps asking for peanuts– totally improvised, by the way.

Sure, it’s grueling hours on a claustrophobic set, and they’re using real blood instead of squibs. Sure, Amy Smart keeps coming onto me, and the director keeps throwing sushi at me. (Damn Koreans.) But frankly, fans, it’s a zombie free set, and I’m appreciating the opportunity to let my hair down, put my feet up and relax. Only my hair doesn’t go down so much as out anymore, putting my feet up would ruin the continuity, and I need to act terrified for seventeen hours a day, since Kim Jong Il doesn’t know the English word for “cut.”

Take heart, New York– I’ll be back on Monday with a new episode of Zombie Radio Show, if the plane doesn’t crash. In the meantime, please buy any products you see advertised on CBS, and send your care packages to CBS studios in LA– J-Bo will only eat them in you send them to New York.

Plane at Bad Angle

Jimmy Flies Flight 7500

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