Jimmy in Vegas! (No Laughtrack, honest!)

Heyyy, Jazz Fans– Well, we got us a little Halloween action coming up in just a couple of days, and I have to prepare for my hangover and groin pulls now. But don’t worry, fans, your Zombie Monday won’t be completely empty. We have for you this week the first installment of the banned and bootlegged audio files from our already notorious trip to Vegas earlier this month! As you can plainly hear, everyone had a great time. And no, that’s not a laugh track.

See? Wasn’t that incredible. It’s not easy getting such warmth from a crowd of zombified gamblers, but you heard it yourself!

Not it wasn’t a laugh track. Okay? I’ve never been one to stuff the sock down the old trousers, if you know what I mean. What you see is what you get. 100% pure Jimmy Rudolph, with no audio enhancements. Honestly.

Okay, we threw a little sweetener in there. Not because we needed it, fans! But because we had an audio engineer who was out of work, and he needed the gig. Sure, we said, but make it subtle. Just add a little laughter, but only if it’s already there.

Look, we only did it for the camp effect. You know, like those old sitcoms. I’ve always loved those tracks, like on “Gilligan’s Island” or “Saturday Night Live”! (Little known fact– John Belushi went to his grave without getting a single laugh.) Yeah, we all loved that shit. So this is an homage. That’s right, an homage to those classic old TV shows who added laughs to let us know that it was okay to laugh. That’s all–

Okay! We added laughs! But dammit, fans, we were funny! We brought it that night! But they wanted a packed house for the press release, so they papered the place with zombies. They just kept groaning all night. Why should our show suffer, for the rest of recorded history, just because thet decided to fill the house with zombies?! I am not taking the fall for this!

Yeah, there’s a laugh track. Deal with it. And screw you and your superior smirk, Mr. Alda!


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