Happy Friday the 13th from WZMB!

Happy Friday the 13th, Jazz Fans!

Y’know, Friday the 13th used to be considered an unlucky day. People avoided walking under ladders, petting black cats, or stepping in front of out-of-control buses, doing their best to avoid misfortune. How things have changed. Every day is unlucky with zombies roaming the streets, and though Friday the 13th is no different, it’s certainly no worse.

Or is it?

Looks like the fates that used to play so capriciously with us are now turning their random mirth upon the brain eaters. Check out this video just submitted from the Zombie Watchers club, the group of legless fanatics which was famously ridiculed for believing in the existence of zombies before the Zombie Apocalypse, which now spends all it’s resources saying “We tode you os!” (Not the best spellers.) We see a pretty moldy zombie, walking on terrain that looks very much like a kitchen table, so we assume the video came from one of Mexico’s famous mesas. No matter its origin, it’s good to remember on Friday the 13th that zombies can have bad days, too. Enjoy!

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