Derek Jeter – The Zombie Slugger! WZMB Zombie Radio Show Classic Clip #3

Derek Jeter is a Zombie, a constant threat to his teammates and family and a shambling, hollow mockery of his former self. But maybe there’s a bright side? Yes, Jazz Fans, it’s Jimmy Rudolph here, of WZMB Zombie Radio Show, bringing you another classic clip! Check it out!

I’m a huge baseball fan myself, and when Spring comes around, there’s a certain lightness in my step– mainly because Spring is when the zombies can crawl up out of the thawed ground. But it’s also baseball season. And in post-Zombie Apocalypse New York City, baseball seems to fit right in to the undead infestation. After all, baseball games are slow-moving, and you hit things with bats.

Other sports have tried to adapt to the Zombie Apocalypse, and it’s been a complete disaster. We all thought football would be zombie-proof, with those helmets, but who will ever forget the 2014 Superbowl, when Giants tackle and zombie Will Beatty created the “Chinstrap Reverse”, ripping a hole in the defender’s larynx and sucking the brains out. That move revolutionized the game– it also ended the game. Zombies integrated the game of soccer, but the net caught more goalie heads than balls. Even golf, with the much heralded return of Tiger Woods to the game after his divorce and zombification, was not immune, as the chipper and wedge proved an efficient combination that could split a skull in seconds.

But baseball has proven to be very adaptable to zombie masses. Could it be too much to hope that one day there might be a zombie league of its own, complete with all the great un-naturals of the game? Maybe this is where zombies and the living can find common ground, and enjoy a brew and a brain together while they watch the national pasttime.

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  1. Dallas

    Baseball. America’s pastime. Zombiefied!!!!!

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