Corporate Zombies! “As You Were” Zombie Radio Show Ep. 52

If corporations are people,than it follows that some corporations are zombies. And if a corporation is hungry for brains– man, that’s a lot of brains!

Heyyy, Jazz Fans! It’s your old pal, Jimmy Rudolph here. We’ve been through some tough times together… well, you’ve been through some tough times. I have an intern to go through some tough times for me. It’s been a full year of Zombie Radio Show! We’ve seen friends die, we’ve seen enemies die, we’ve seen friends and enemies un-die, and somehow when that happens, they’re all our enemies, and J-Bo turns them into enemy chunks. And that pretty well sums it up.

But of all the strange things we’ve seen, we never thought we’d see the end of Trocador. This is huge, folks! Trocador has been our source for all the zombie products we’ve come to enjoy and rely on for our survival. Of course, it turns out that they were also the source for all the zombies. I guess they just went too far. See how it all shakes out in this week’s episode of Zombie Radio Show Ep. 53! Click on the thumbnail below!

Some folks may say that Trocador is an evil corporation. Actually, that was me. But in the Post-Zombie-Apocalypse era, things are no longer black and white. They’re shades of grey, with a green tint and bright red around the mouth. Sure, creating the Bar Code Zombies was a disaster for New York City, and sure their attempts to profit off of the destruction of the Big Apple might seem craven to some. But what you and I and every other sane person might call evil, could also be considered as being proactive. How can they sell lots of zombie products if there are no zombies? It’s physics, folks. You have to have a market before you can sell to it. Besides, if corporations are people, then they’re imperfect. And if they’re zombie people, lurching around aimlessly through the mean streets of Chapter Eleven, then they’re a hazard to others and should be put down.

But I’m certain we’ve learned our lesson, Jazz Fans. I’m sure we’ll keep a closer eye on future evil corporations, and make sure that they’re acting in our best interests, as well as the best interests of their own bottom line. I’m sure our next sponsor will be different. To find out who our next sponsor will be, you can listen to the “radio only” version of Zombie Radio Show by clicking below.

Click Here to Listen to Zombie Radio Show Ep. 52

Ah, fans, I can’t believe it’s been a year. And what a year! Zombie New Year’s Eve, Zombie Christmas, and who could forget Zombie Arbor Day? Let’s hope next year brings us fewer zombies, greater peace, better sex, more cuddling, and less litigation. Take care, and keep coming back for more.Don’t forget to subscribe to us on The Tube of You, like us on The Book of Face and follow us on the Ter of Twit!

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