Zombie Radio Show Graphic #1

Funny Zombies at WZMB Zombie Radio Show

 Give Us a Piece of Your Brain!

Y’know, Jazz Fans, very few people understand the loneliness of the long distance DJ. It gets lonely in the sound booth, serving up platters of hot jazz. So drop Jimmy Rudolph a line, let him know what you’re digging, and what’s eating you, besides the zombies. Send in your zombie anecdotes, questions, compliments, and jazz requests. Who knows? Jimmy might even talk back atcha, if I can take the gun from my temple long enough. No guilt.

Jimmy Rudolph, Zombie Radio Show DJ

Jimmy Rudolph loves him some pipe at Zombie Radio Show

One Response to Contact

  1. Hey Jimmy,

    Love the concept on your site. I direct a web series Inzombnia on Horror X and I would love to set up an interview of one my actors “in character” with you. Would love to also use that audio in my show. Take care!

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