Jimmy Rudolph, Zombie Radio Show DJ

Jimmy Rudolph loves him some pipe at Zombie Radio Show

Who is Jimmy Rudolph?

Glad you asked. Mr. Rudolph grew up on the mean streets of Greenwich Village in beautiful New York City, tap dancing for donuts and hustling for dimes. He found a mentor in the late great Ray Martin, and soon ran copy for the WZMB News Bureau. The only thing Jimmy loved more than his pipe was the greatest of American creations… jazz.

Then came the Zombie Apocalypse of 2012, dark days for the Big Apple. When Jimmy finally emerged from his fallout shelter, he found the city he loved so well in ruins. He vowed that day to bring culture back to the Big Apple. Signing a sponsorship deal with the Trocador Corporation on Long Island, Jimmy convinced them to reclaim the old Tribeca Studios of WZMB. Two thousand dead zombies later, WZMB is back, with Jimmy Rudolph in the prized 3 AM time slot, giving post-apocalyptic New York City what it needs the most– jazz.

What does Jimmy Rudolph do?

Every day, from the concrete reinforced sub-sub-basement of WZMB, with a steamy cup of joe and a hopefully unused machete, Jimmy brings the jazz greats to the citizens of New York City. Sure, they may be running from the brain eaters, but that doesn’t mean they can’t spend their last moments grooving to the vibes of Miles Davis or Lionel Hampton. With the help of his producer and ward Jamie Bogart, Jimmy soothes, inspires, jukes and jazzes an otherwise bleak and dangerous world.

Why Jazz?

What’s with all the questions? Jesus! You got something against jazz?! Maybe you’d rather hear that zombie rock shit that makes your ears bleed, well, not on this station, buster! Besides, it’s not just jazz. It’s traffic, weather, community issues, and social events. How else would New Yorkers know that the Lincoln Tunnel is off limits due to a kill-off the night before, and the radioactive rods are too toxic, even for the Nissan nuke proof cars? The internet? Well, yeah, I guess, but with jazz?

How is Jimmy Rudolph?

He’s jazzed! New York City may be filled with the undead, but jazz still lives!

Zombie Radio Show Graphic #1

Funny Zombies at WZMB Zombie Radio Show

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  1. jeff

    Big Fan Thanks for making me laugh and put some jazz with it . Jimmy you look like Quint from Jaws a bigger compliment I could not give . Cheers!

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